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Floral Park Donations 2024

As a resident of Floral Park you are automatically a member of the Floral Park Neighborhood Association. And as a member, you invite you to also be a Floral Park Patron and support the neighborhood with a voluntary monetary contribution. Although we have a membership drive in November, we invite you to get involved now. Our goal is 100% household participation. So please consider giving a recurring gift whether it's just $1, $10, $30 or more per month. Whatever the amount—every cent counts.

Below are just a few things your contributions go toward:

  • Entrance and exit beautification

  • Streetlight and stop sign maintenance

  • Local scholarships

  • Historic designation application process

  • Capital improvement projects including tree planting

  • Potential business district security project along 17th St.

  • Neighborhood events

  • Donations to local charities

  • Neighborhood web site


Year end is the perfect time to become a Floral Park Patron and take advantage of the last minute tax benefits that come with a donation to a 501(c)3 non profit organization*.  Every household makes a difference. And it's an even bigger difference is your employer will match your donation. The FPNA Board and Membership Committee work hard to highlight the benefits the association brings to the neighborhood and we want to make it easy to get involved. All you have to do is click the button below and select an amount for a one time, monthly or yearly contribution.

You can also donation with a check made out to FPNA and mailed to PO Box 11366, Santa Ana, CA 92711-1366.

*Floral Park Neighborhood Association is is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 33-0908244. The IRS NTEE classification is Historical Societies, Related Historical Activities within the Arts, Culture and Humanities category. Contributions are deductible under state and federal law to the extend applicable. Consult your tax professional for advice.

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