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In 2020, Floral Park Neighborhood Association will hand out sixteen $1,000 scholarships to Santa Ana residents who attend a Santa Ana high school or college. Each student selected has volunteered their time, skills, muscle, and heart to helping others in the community. We have been very fortunate to be able to fund these awards through money generated by last year’s Home Tour ticket sales, our very popular Wine and Beer Garden, our newly formed Opening Night event, and the generosity of private donors. Sadly, this year all these events have been cancelled and will not occur again until 2021. That will leave us with only our private donors to fund scholarships next year. Since this year’s fundraising activities are non-existent, we are asking for tax-deductible donations of any amount to help our scholarship campaign for 2021. Together we’re making a difference in the lives of friends, neighbors and young people in Santa Ana. Please give generously.


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Donate $1000

Donate $100

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Donate $750

Donate $50

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Donate $500

Donate $25

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Donate $200

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Donate Any Amount

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