The Floral Park Board has voted unanimously to join Park Santiago and the North Santa Ana Preservation Alliance in officially opposing the Magnolia at the Park Residential Development by Vineyard Developement, Inc. at 2525 North Main Street, across from the Discovery Science Center. Originally envisioned as a 496‑unit high density apartment complex 90 feet tall, it has been scaled down, as of October to 256 units (74

Studios, 103 one-bedroom units, 75 two bedroom units, and 4 three bedroom units) with 511 parking spaces (ratio of 2.0 parking spaces per unit with a 5-level parking structure with a 6th-level amenity deck. However, this is still over twice the density of any project in Santa Ana adjacent to single family homes.
    The project completely ignores one goal of Santa Ana’s General Plan: “Preserve and improve the character and integrity of existing neighborhoods.” There are 28 projects in various stages of approval/construction/availability, which have or will add 4,909 housing units within 0.5 miles of 2525. This includes the 1,900 units slated for the Main Place Transformation project. From a City perspective, the 2525 project will do nothing to lessen the existing density of the most densely populated sections of the City. Units in those areas are priced well below Vineyard’s planned rents, so the new units will provide no relief to those who need it most.
    The congestion that these new units would bring to an already overtaxed intersection could cause a traffic nightmare. These cumulative projects will create an additional 32,000 daily trips on our city streets. This does not count the new business properties also in their planning stages. A second driveway has been added which is extremely close to Edgewood, the only west residential access point for 1,164 homes. This, coupled with the close proximity to the I-5 Main St. off‑ramp will create a nightmare. Add to that the removal of the carpool entrance and exit at Main, inadequate public transportation to employment locations, existing traffic congestion in this area, and the impact on the health, safety, and quality of life for those living in the area is measurable.
    At 256 units on the revised lot size (at time of writing), density is listed as 58 DUA (density of units per acre). Over the course of the past year the residents have repeatedly stated this project is unacceptable. Although the applicant’s mega‑apartment complex massing has changed, the project is still a equivalent to a 5-story mega‑apartment complex next to homes that are of historic significance to the community. The building has always been presented with an ultra‑modern contemporary design with an exposed entertainment deck on the roof of the 5th floor parking structure. Their architecture firm has stated this is what it must be due to the size. Santa Ana can and should do much better than this.  
    The project at this location will impact the quality of life of the residents of Floral Park, Santiago and other neighborhoods. It adds a very dense site to an already very congested area in Santa Ana. When looking at the a.m. and p.m. peak traffic times and the 15 evaluated freeway access points (30 data points) 22 of those data points currently receive a failing grade. Think of what it will be like after the completion of all the other projects that are currently approved. In a recent article in the Orange County Business Journal it said, “When increased density leads to results in a lowered quality of life, including reduced privacy and greater demands on local services and amenities.” While reduced in size, it is still six stories with inadequate parking, and  according to the Environmental Impact Report, the impact to aesthetics is still “significant and unavoidable.”
    But the singular issue that caused the board to oppose the project is that it requirs rezoning. Vineyard Development’s plan for 2525 will require the City of Santa Ana to change the zoning from professional to specific development (allowing unlimited height and density) as well a General Plan amendment, a document used to manage development.  And once that Pandora’s box is opened, it sets a very dangerous precident for future developments.
    The Santa Ana Main Place Mall has been very transparent with its redevelopment plans. Vineyard Development, however keeps switching its details, even at the time of the meeting. The mall requested to meet with the neighborhood at a Floral Park General Membership meeting and presented their plans, answered our questions and asked for our input. This is absolutely not the case with this developer.
    We are not opposed to development in Santa Ana and actively want our city to grow and thrive. However, we are opposed to the 2525 North Main project and the rezoning that it would require.  
    We encourage you to join us in making your voice heard. You can write the city council at You can also contact the North Santa Ana Preservation Alliance at

To write city council your opposition to rezoning at 2525 N. Main Street, click HERE.



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