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We asked Santa Ana artists to put their creative stamp on a Floral Park symbol of community and hospitality, the Adirondack chair. You are invited to view their artistic expressions as part of the Floral Park Home & Garden Tour. All chairs are available at auction on ebay and benefit the individual artists. Click the "bid on this chair" button below the photo of each chair to place a bid. Check back as we add more chairs for auction.


Adirondack Chair #1 — Mike Landa
Michael grew up in Santa Ana and studied art at Biola University. A fan of Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Henri Rousseau, he tends to pull ideas from these artists. He chose to paint bees because of their ability to work together towards a common goal.
Online portfolio:

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Adirondack Chair #2 — Wendy Choi
Floral Park neighbor Wendy Choi is an illustrator, designer, coffee lover, and gem collector. You can view her work on Instagram @cryingiscool


Adirondack Chair #3 — Laurie Haight
Floral Park artist, Laura Haight, graduated from CSUF with B.F.A. Ceramics/Glass, Cum Laude. She received her M.F.A. from the Tyler School of Art of Temple University. Laura has been working in clay for over 20 years and is currently teaching ceramics at Saddleback College.


Adirondack Chair #4 — Kimberly Duran and Bud Herrera
Kimberly and Bud are the founders of The Heavy Collective in Santa Ana, a public art initiative specializing in large scale quality murals. They pride themselves in bringing art to the local community that often does not have time to view art in museums or galleries. Their art occupies walls in public areas where people of diverse cultures and backgrounds can have access to free public art on their daily commutes.
IG: @5hmi & @thirds_realm


Adirondack Chair #5 - Kathryn Tait
A Floral Park artist and textile designer, Kathryn is happy to contribute to the Floral Park Home and Garden Tour 2022 with her “Cook’s Garden” chair design – a tribute to the colorful, inspiring cooks of Floral Park and Southern California gardens. “Happy is the one who takes wisdom from a flower!”


Adirondack Chair #6 - Samueli Academy – Yasmine Castaneda & Shelley Juhl-O’Brien
Yasmine is senior at Samueli who enjoys being creative in all forms, from drawing to painting, from personal art pieces to private paint parties. This art piece represents the collaboration that happens at the campus between staff and students. Yasmine wanted this chair to embrace the historical culture of the many families that call Santa Ana their home.

Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 8.01.37 AM.png

Adirondack ChairS #7 - American Society of Interior Designers California (OC chapter) SET OF TWO CHAIRS
ASID support its interior design student members from Interior Designers Institute and Saddleback College. Led by Floral Park neighbor and ASID’s Student Representative to the Board, Jeanette Mustafa, the students collaborated to reimagine these exterior nostalgic seats into uniquely beautiful chairs giving a nod to Santa Ana’s rich agricultural history.
IG: @asidoc_student_design_collab


Adirondack Chair #8 - Maria Espinosa Yepez
Maria s a representational and impressionist artist based in Santa Ana. She works in oils and acrylics and her work is impressionistic with a touch of modern. Maria trained at Mission Renaissance School of Fine Arts in Irvine California. Her work can be seen at the Hugo Rivera Gallery in Laguna Beach as well as the Orange County Fine Arts Gallery in Costa Mesa and the Marriott Hotel in Costa Mesa. Etsy: Yepezgalllery,

Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 8.15.12 AM.png

Adirondack Chair #9 - Wendy Duong
Wendy is a multidisciplinary Vietnamese-American artist based in Santa Ana. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from California State University, Fullerton, she wants to use her artwork to relate to others by referencing everyday experiences.
IG: wendyduong_art

Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 8.04.18 AM.png

Adirondack Chair #10 - Jonathan “Red” Rosenberger
Jonathan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Photo Journalism from CSUF. A welder by trade, his real passion is building, making and fixing things. As an avid woodworker, he makes everything from charcuterie boards to furniture. His Adirondack chair is made from responsibly harvested redwood and is affectionately titled “RED’s BIG CHAIR.”
IG @madewithlovebyred

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Adirondack Chair #11 - Denise Silva
A Floral Park artist, Denise’s simple design exudes relaxation. It invites you to sit back, take in the fragrance of a flower garden, while enjoying your glass of wine.


Adirondack Chair #12 - Tony Gomez
Tony is a pastor and visual artist in Santa Ana specializing in painting and calligraphy. He is a leader of the art element at Saint City Session and sports missionary.
IG: @tgomez103

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Adirondack Chair #13 - Jeff Jumper
Jeff is a visual storyteller who draws upon a boundless imagination to create compelling worlds. His art has been incorporated into gaming and adventure where the consumer is fully immersed by Jeff’s vision.


Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 8.15.04 AM.png

Adirondack Chair #14 - Jose & Roxy Arenas
The father-daughter team collaborate to turn the mundane curb addresses into works of art. Their creations can be seen throughout Floral Park.
IG: @arenascurbappeal

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 9.11.01 AM.png

Adirondack Chair #15 - Elmer Rodriguez
Born and raised in Santa Ana, Elmer is a tattooer and artist.
IG: @elmertattoos


Adirondack Chair #16 - Yengiang Nguyen
Yengiang paints under the moniker The Midnight Painter. Her studio is walking distance to the Santa Ana Zoo, she strives for connection and love with her pieces. With each thoughtful application of color and portrayal of animals and flower, she is able to provide a connection and sense of belonging to those who seek it.


Adirondack Chair #17 - Anna Nalle
Anna aka Fiona Harris is a fourth generation Santa Ana resident. She followed in her grandmother’s footsteps and attended Scripps College earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history. Anna Nalle identifies as an abstract expressionist working with oil and palette knife.
IG: #nallearts



Adirondack Chair #18 - Sung Sill Rhee
Sung is a Korean artist who received his bachelor’s in fine arts from Hong-Ik University in Seoul and his MFA from University of Penn’s Department of Painting. His work has been featured at the Ahn San Chul Museum and the Osan Museum of Art. He is an artist in residence at the Santa Ana Arts Collective.



Adirondack Chair #19 - Santa Ana High School- Judi Westing, Melissa Aburto and Sofia Arteaga
Judi is an Art teacher at Santa Ana High School who has mentored students for 25 years. She is an artist herself and enjoys painting, drawing and mixed media. Melissa is a Senior at Santa Ana High School. She sees the world as a magical place. She loves to paint, create jewelry and 3-d sculptures. IG: Sofia is a Senior at Santa Ana High School. Her style is very colorful, and she often views her reality through the eyes of a child. IG: @sofiandherpaintbrush



Adirondack Site #20 - Laurie Schaefer
A graduate of Parsons School of Design in NYC, Laurie is a mixed media artist who uses layered color and form in her abstract works. A career as a Creative Director in the Toy Business and Promotional Marketing was her job until 2014 when she took the leap to her real passion as a full-time painter. Currently living in Santa Ana, CA, she has a sunny studio set up in her backyard with her dogs Lucy & Buddy.

Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 8.07.10 AM.png

Adirondack Site #21 - Trace Weatherford
While not a classically trained artist, Trace has pursued creative outlets throughout her life. A published writer and poet, maker of handcrafted journals, home decorator and purveyor / lover of all things dark and creeptastic. Her recent mission is to parlay her obsession with the strange and unusual by opening a reselling business for antiques, vintage goods and all manner of oddities and curiosities from Halloween inspired pieces to Murano art glass.
IG: creeptasticcurator OR creep_and_kitsch

Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 8.07.18 AM.png

Adirondack Chair #22 - Nancy Hadley
A classically trained painter, sculptor, model-maker and artist, Nancy has “made over” hundreds of restaurants, bars, homes, museums and businesses. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art at the University of California, Santa Barbara and began her career designing and developing large-scale interactive natural history museum exhibits around the world while moonlighting as a specialty sculptor for Mattel. Her work has been showcased on TV shows such as Trading Spaces, Extreme Home Makeover, and Bar Rescue. She continues to offer art consultation services and commissions in fine art and furniture design and fabrication through Nancy Hadley’s FAC, Inc.

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